Activities of the Greek team

Meeting in Turkey

Meeting in Bulgaria

Video diary GR to BG - OMG Erasmus+

1st EPAL of Drama, Erasmus+ OMG memories from BG

Dissemination through media

Stop bullying - 1st EPAL of Drama - Erasmus+ O.M.G.

1st EPAL of Drama for Human Rights

Συνέντευξη με την κα. Αλίκη Τσιαμούρα, πρόεδρο της Ένωσης Κυριών Δράμας-Σ.Α.Φ.

Meeting in Romania

1st EPAL of Drama Erasmus+
OMG activities

(by Nancy Spetsioti)

1st EPAL of Drama
Gender and Racial photos

Meeting in Portugal

Meeting in Greece

Stereotypes ...gender discrimination ... bullying.

Inside the small society of schools, stereotypes are something common, and the impact is mostly racial and gender discrimination that usually leads to bullying. Here is a small 2 minute video about bullying.

Anna Maria participated in OMG, she was with us in Bulgaria and she is one of the actors.

Matina Gavriiloglou

Meeting on line with experts from the organization “The Smile of the Child” and other organizations.

Interesting webinar about bullying awareness.

Bullying Diaries EN

The Smile of the Child

Spyros’ song about sexism and racism
Open Minded Generation

25th of November - International Day for the elimination of Violence against Women

Opening minds, breaking stereotypes! Acrostic

Online meeting OMG 3/6/2020

1st EPAL of Drama Interview on Star TV for OMG

Open Minded Generation


1st EPAL Dramas


Specialized Secondary school of Natural Sciences and Maths "Acad. Prof. Dr.Asen Zlatarov"


Epralima - Escola Profissional Doalto Lima - Cooperativa De Interesse Publico E Responsabilidade Limitada


Colegiul National de Informatica Matei Basarab


Cahit Zarifoglou Anadolu Imam Hatip Liesesi